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Hot Yoga Classes

We offer a variety of hot yoga classes. See the full yoga schedule for more information on times of classes at the gym.

About Bikram Yoga

Learn about Bikram Yoga. Read about Yoga at the NIH yoga page and find out why millions around the world use yoga as their preferred fitness regimen.

Detoxify your body

If you combine yoga with a strict dietary supplement program, you can get some really amazing results. Probiotic supplements have especially shown promising results when taken daily. The best probiotic supplement in our opinion is one that has at least 5 billion active probiotic cultures. HealthiPlus has long been a leader in the nutritional supplement industry. They have their HealthiPlus Probiotics on sale now at their online store. HealthiPlus supplements are highly praised and well known among healthy Yogis in Saratoga.

Bikram Yoga: 90 minutes of your life

Hot yoga is sometimes confused with Bikram yoga, but the two are not one and the same. Hot yoga is a practice on its own, and its called hot with good reason. It is practiced in a room heated to 37 degrees Celsius and a controlled humidity of 40. If you are wondering why anyone would want to sign up for a practice that essentially imitates a hot tropical island without a breeze, then read on.

Hot yoga has many benefits such as relaxing muscles which then makes the yogi able to reach new heights of personal flexibility. It is also increases the heart rate, making it an intense workout similar to running or cycling, hence a good way to lose weight. But these are just the physical benefits of yoga. There are also mental health benefits related to hot yoga

Stress reduction

This is the number one mental health benefit of hot yoga, and it is a major benefit. Reducing stress or eliminating it altogether helps one to alleviate many other mental health problems such as depression which occurs with the buildup of stress for a long time. Reducing stress also enables one to focus better in other areas in their lives, making the person a more productive citizen.

Enhanced concentration

Hot yoga uses the vinyasa style, which means the linking of movement to breath. Coordination of breaths in and out with certain movements enhances focus. Some people also report that the heat in hot yoga classes makes them zone in, focusing more on the flow of the class. With regular practice you can sharpen the skill of focusing even outside the classes, taking that to other areas of your life. If you get in the habit of really focusing on your tasks, you can reap greater benefits from them.

Most people who hear about hot yoga wonder why anyone would want to add so much heat to an already hard form of exercise. The simple answer is that there are many benefits to doing hot yoga.

Hot yoga is practiced in a heated room, usually maintained at a temperature of about 100 degrees F. The movements used in hot yoga are similar to a dance; fluid movements, linking one pose to the next. In addition, the poses are repetitive so it is easy for the yogi to gauge whether they have improved today based on what they did yesterday. So, what are these benefits linked to hot yoga?


In a hot yoga room, you burn calories the same way you do while you are running, and your heart rate increases in the same way. In a 90-minute hot yoga class you can burn up to 1,000 calories, without even having to leave your mat. The way you stretch and compress your inner organs in the poses also stimulates metabolism, which means you will continue to burn fat even after the hot yoga class.


The heat in hot yoga classes help your muscles to relax, so you are able to stretch more, reaching heights of flexibility you probably never thought you were capable of. The stretching will strengthen your muscles and build muscle tone.


The intense heat coupled with the postures in hot yoga make you sweat profusely. This sweating flushes out toxins, leaving your body feeling whole and refreshed.


The primary purpose of this yoga is healing. It is known to reduce the symptoms of asthma, high blood pressure, depression, obesity and arthritis. With regular practice, the postures practiced in hot yoga can heal old injuries and prevent them in future, especially injuries that cause back pain.

Precautions: Check with your doctor to make sure that its o.k. to participate, make sure you eat lightly before sessions and most importantly, listen to your body, don’t overdo any stretches.